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Teeth Cleanings:

Routine dental cleanings are recommended at least every 6 months to help maintain your oral health and prevent the accumulation of plaque and bacteria from causing damage to your teeth, bone and gum tissue. Your hygienist will work with you to develop a customized plan to make you more knowledgeable on how you can improve your oral health in between visits!

Dental X-rays:

The use of diagnostic x-rays are essential in providing complete care for our patients. X-rays not only let us see the development of cavities within your teeth, but they also guide us in monitoring healthy bone levels. Bitewing or “cavity detecting” x-rays are taken every 12 months and a panoramic x-ray is recommended every 5 years.

Periodontal Services:

At Davis Family Dentistry, we work diligently to provide you a roadmap to achieve optimal oral health. For some of our patients, that may include a higher level of dental cleaning. These cleanings are often referred to as “deep cleanings” and are reserved for patients who are experiencing periodontitis. Periodontitis is an irreversible condition of the gum tissue that has affected the level of bone that supports your teeth.

Your hygienist and Dr. Davis may recommend more frequent cleanings that help remove deep plaque deposits and necrotic tissue until your mouth has stabilized. When it comes to your gum health, there is no “one size fits all” so you can expect customized care that will fit your lifestyle.

Composite Fillings:

Composite fillings are necessary when treating a tooth for dental decay. Dr. Davis will remove the decayed and damaged tooth structure and replace the area with a tooth-colored resin that closely resembles the rest of the tooth. Composite fillings are a conservative approach to dental decay because they allow less tooth structure to be removed. They can also be highly polished and are advantageous when dealing with teeth in highly visible areas.

Dental Crowns:

Dental crowns are necessary when a tooth experiences large decay, cracks or broken down fillings. Dental crowns differ from fillings in that they are utilized to provide greater protection for a tooth that undergoes more stress when chewing.

Dental crowns require two visits at Davis Family Dentistry. In the first visit, Dr. Davis will shape the tooth while removing disease and take an impression of the tooth. Our dental lab will make a custom crown designed specifically for your mouth that will be seated at your second visit. At Davis Family Dentistry, we utilize the highest quality of materials that will give you natural-looking results that are not only beautiful but are durable and will last!

Full and Partial Dentures:

Full and partial dentures are options given to our patients who need to replace teeth that are missing or in rough shape. Dentures can provide increased function of chewing and beautiful esthetics in comparison to missing teeth. Many patients find them easier to maintain than natural teeth. However, full and partial dentures will need to be removed throughout the day so many patients look for more permanent solutions.

Root Canal Treatment:

Root Canal Treatment is a necessary treatment often performed by a specialist, when the nerve and vital tissue of the tooth are infected by bacteria. This treatment is needed to save a tooth. When root canal treatment is performed, the nerve and blood supply are gently removed from the middle of the tooth, the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and sealed. Without this treatment, patients could experience severe pain, swelling and abscess formation.

There are many ways to prevent the need of root canal treatment! The best way is to report to Davis Family Dentistry biannually for your cleanings and exams so we can catch a potential problem before you experience a toothache!

Bite Splints:

Some patients may experience severe jaw pain, tightness and discomfort that can be improved with the fabrication of a custom bite splint. Grinding your teeth at night, which is known as Bruxism, can cause irreversible damage to your teeth as well! Many patients experience relief and a better night’s sleep after wearing their custom bite splint.

Pediatric Dental Services:

At Davis Family Dentistry, we aim to treat the entire family and that includes little ones! We recommend that your child be seen for their first dental visit around the age of 2 years. Dr. Davis has found that the key to setting up a solid foundation for good experiences at the dentist is early exposure and patience. That may mean your little one doesn’t allow us to complete a traditional dental cleaning on the first try, and that is completely okay!

Our pediatric services include cleanings, dental x-rays, fluoride application, sealants and fillings.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation:

Patients are keeping their teeth for longer than ever before in recorded history, which is great news! However, our teeth can be worn down from everyday use or from failed dental work. Full mouth rehabilitation is utilized to treat all the teeth in a patient’s mouth rather than focusing on a single tooth problem. This procedure utilizes a combination of crowns, bridges, implants and veneers to greatly improve function and completely rejuvenate a smile!


Invisalign is the field’s leading brand of clear plastic aligners that can improve your teeth’s position and function while giving you a straight smile! Dr. Davis will take a series of
impressions and photos to come up with a treatment plan to correct your smile. You simply wear the nearly invisible aligners for 22 hours a day and can expect to see positive results! There are no metal brackets or wires utilized in this treatment.


Dental veneers are a cosmetic treatment utilized to change the shape, size and color of front teeth to enhance your overall beauty. Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that will be attached to the very front of your smile. Despite the thin nature of the restoration, they are extremely durable and do not fade over time. Patients who have healthy smiles are often perfect candidates for veneers! Dr. Davis will take a series of photos and impressions and can often provide you a mock-up of what your smile will look like before your first appointment!


Botox can have both esthetic and therapeutic effects for many dental concerns including chronic jaw pain and headaches. This pain is often caused by the overuse of facial muscles that contract when you clench your teeth together.

Botox can be administered at a predictable dose to result in less muscle contraction, smoother skin and relief from facial pain. Botox can also be administered in esthetic applications to remove wrinkles around your lips or reduce a gummy smile! Call Davis Family Dentistry for a complimentary consultation to see how the administration of Botox can impact your life!

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